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Welcome to Elite Personal Training

Who Are We

We are a team of expert personal trainers in Christchurch that provide the highest quality of personal training to both men and women. In an industry which is full of people that try to take advantage of others, we focus on delivering real results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help transform peoples lives through providing highly skilled personal training and nutrition coaching. We know that when you feel physically strong, you develop mental strength that carries over into the rest of your life.

What We Do

Meet Ben - Founder

With over 10 years of personal training experience and accumulation of certifications, working alongside some of the best trainers and coaches from around the world, from professional athletes to top strength & conditioning coaches, Ben asserts himself as one of the top personal trainers and coaches Christchurch has to offer. 



Meet Mike - Trainer

A calisthenics enthusiast who specialises in home workouts. Mike is very passionate about health and fitness and has helped many people reach their goals. In these unprecedented times, It’s important to build healthy habits, regardless of what equipment/facilities you have access to.



The 6 Steps to

Achieving Your Goals

The success of our clients define who we are, but how do we increase the chances of you achieving your health and fitness goals? Over our long, experienced careers working in the fitness industry we’ve perfected the steps that it takes to get you there. 



Set clear goals to work towards. It’s important to know the desired end results so the training program can directly reflect this. This will help us train with intent in everything we do. Training without intent is just hoping you’ll somehow reach your goals. 


FMS (Movement Screen)

Get an assessment of your movement to discover areas of weakness that could increase your risk of injury and limit the exercises that can be performed with perfect technique. This will help us to design the perfect program for you.



Our expert training programs are the blueprint to reaching your fitness goals. We utilize progressive overload to deliver time proven results, like the 2000+ clients we’ve helped so far. Trust the process, turn up to the gym ready to put in the effort that is required.



Stay consistent with your training sessions. Apply progressive overload and continue to work hard and recover. Stay hydrated, fueled, and sleep at least 7 hours at regular times. Allow your body to adapt to the stimulus of the training program.



You stuck to the program and trained hard with your Personal Trainer. You showed up to each training session prepared to work hard and make progress. You completed the training program for the required duration and now you’ve achieved your goals. 



Now is not the time to slip back to old habits and lose all the progress you have made. Begin the steps again, this time setting new goals to work towards. Working with a personal trainer can boost the success rate of achieving your fitness goals by more than 300 percent.

Why Choose Us?

Some of the many reasons why our clients choose and trust us.

With over 10 years of personal training experience working alongside some of the best trainers and coaches from around the world, from professional athletes to top strength & conditioning coaches, we assert ourselves as some of the top personal trainers and coaches Christchurch has to offer. 

A major factor in the success of our clients is our education. We are constantly learning and keeping up with the latest studies to ensure we deliver the best results possible.

Yes, you read correctly. If you don’t believe we are making progress with your goals then we will return 100% of your investment with us. That’s how confident we are with helping you and the thousands of clients we’ve successfully helped over the last decade. 

A major problem we see with most Personal Trainers in the industry is that there clients train with them for 30 minutes, once per week, with little to no communication outside of the training session. The truth is, you probably won’t achieve your goals this way. Our clients can contact us whenever they would like to ask questions. We will also be in frequent contact with you to help keep you on track and give you the support you need.

Once you get started with us you receive access to our fitness app. Here we will be able to communicate together and your trainer will be able to send you your training programs and any additional workouts. We can track progress easily and see the results you’ve achieved over time. Unsure of an exercise that’s on your program? All exercises come with detailed descriptions and videos to watch at your convenience if you ever forget what they are.

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